Comic Reviews: Legacy – War #4

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Legacy – War #4 is the first issue in the series that begins to feel like the end. Consequences fall heavily on the characters, and hard decisions are made. Yet there is still no end in sight for the war. The fallout from the battle for the Hidden Temple is a mixed bag. In the end, the future is uncertain for all sides…

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Reviewed By: Skuldren

LucasArts and Unreal Engine 3

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It was announced today that LucasArts has signed a licensing agreement with Epic Games in order to utilize the Unreal Engine 3 for multiple projects. The “long-term” agreement doesn’t offer any details of what projects we can expect, and there was no mention of any Star Wars games that would be utilizing the new game engine. That said, I’m going to wildly speculate that Star Wars Battlefront III is going to be redeveloped utilizing Unreal Engine 3. Though it’s possible we could see The Force Unleashed III, I think it’s more likely that LucasArts would take advantage of rebooting the Battlefront franchise, adding new content from The Clone War series.

What game would you like to see LucasArts make with Unreal Engine 3?

Posted By: Skuldren

God Particle: Memo Not a Hoax

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While this may seem straight out of Angels and Demons, the God particle (aka Higgs boson) memo is genuine, and it’s created a lot of excitement in scientific circles.  When the memo was leaked, the speculation was that someone had perpetrated a hoax, but James Gillies, a spokesman for Cern, confirmed that the memo at least is the real deal.  However, you shouldn’t be expecting to see Tom Hanks running through the streets of Rome.  As Gillies cautioned, they’re still a long way away from proving the existence of said God particle.

“It is far too early to say if there is anything to it or not,” he told the paper.”This is an internal communication that highlights something interesting, but it has to go through several stages of assessment by the scientific team before it will be released as an official result by the collaborative team.”

And then, just in case anyone was getting excited about science for the first time since Mr. Wizard went off the air, Gillies added: “The majority of these things turn out to be nothing at all.”

Cern is home to the Large Hadron Collider where all this work and theorizing is taking place.  And make no mistake: while the Higgs bosun is a key component of the standard model used in physics to describe how particle and atoms are made up, it’s still very much a theory.  Still, there is some good news.  Ewan McGregor won’t be setting himself on fire again any time soon. (via)

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How Paul S. Kemp Got His Start

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Author Paul S. Kemp (Crosscurrent, Deceived) updated his blog today with an interesting post that answers how he got his start in the writing business. If you’d like to know the answer then head on over to his blog and check it out. It seems his beginnings were a mixture of Dungeons & Dragons, and trial and error. We’re just glad he got bit by the Star Wars bug as well.

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SFF Writer Chat with Paul S. Kemp Tomorrow

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat (sffwrtcht) will be talking with Star Wars author Paul S. Kemp tomorrow at 9:00 PM EST (8:00 PM CST). The chat will be conducted on Twitter and they will be discussing Mr. Kemp’s Forgotten Realm and Star Wars books. Fans are invited to follow along and join in.

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FOTJ Allies Paperback Release

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Christie Golden’s Fate of the Jedi: Allies is available in paperback today. You can pick it up at your local bookstore, or on and for $7.99.

Posted By: Skuldren

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