Droids Out of Work, Begging For Credits

April 22, 2011 at 9:49 am | Posted in Science News | Leave a comment

DONA is a donation motivating robot that is designed to use pet-like and child-like aspects to manipulate people into giving up their money. When it comes to charity, robot grifters will be the wave of the future. Take a look at the video below, don’t those cute little eyes warm your heart and break your wallet?

Personally I think a donation motivating robot that looked like a cute little Ewok would be more effective, however, they would probably have a tough time getting permission from Lucasfilm. Regardless, you have to admit that just the novelty of seeing a robot begging for change would cause everyone to donate at least something on their first go around. The real trick is making the robot so sadly irresistible that you cannot pass it by without giving something. DONA seems to be on the right track.

Posted By: Skuldren

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