Tom Taylor Interview on SFB

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Invasion and Blood TiesThe Sci-Fi Block did a nice interview with Tom Taylor that covers his work with Star Wars: Invasion as well as Star Wars: Blood Ties. Tom talks about how his work as a playwright helped him in writing comics, plus he discusses working with artist Chris Scalf, and a plug for Rombies (Roman zombie series). You can read the full article here.

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Digital Dark Horse

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Dark Horse is counting down the days to their digital launch in one week on April 27.

As previously mentioned, the Dark Horse Comics iOS digital app will be available for free download in the iTunes store. The app will feature the first issue of Hellboy: Seed of Destruction already pre-loaded into your collection. Thanks to those fans who signed up for our Dark Horse Digital newsletter so far, users will also be able to download the full first issues of Criminal Macabre, Abe Sapien: The Drowning, and Joss Whedon’s Fray for free! There are still two more issues yet to be unlocked and an iPad 2 up for grabs, so please visit to sign up for our digital newsletter today!

As well as being available on iphone and ipad, fans will be able to read digital comics on any modern web browser.

So far no Star Wars titles are on the available list, but hopefully that will soon change.

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Black Trees for Tatooine

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I actually don’t remember any trees on Tatooine, but if there were, according to National Geographic, they’d be black.  And According to NatGeo, double sun systems are not at all uncommon.

A third of all star systems, meanwhile, contain two or more stars, and it’s not known how plants might evolve under mixed light sources.

So hypothesizing what plant life would look like and how it would adapt to deal with the effects of a double sun existence is valid research just on the off chance we might some day visit these places.

O’Malley-James and colleagues simulated an Earthlike world orbiting a variety of double- and triple-star systems. Some models contained only red dwarf stars, while others used one red dwarf and one sunlike star, or even two sunlike stars.

Enough light reached the virtual planet to support photosynthesis in most cases, with the world generally seeing as much energy as Earth receives from the sun.

Oh, and if you ever do get there, watch out for the moving plants.  Now that would be interesting adaptation to see.

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