Gary Kurtz Reflects on the Impact of Star Wars

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Producer Gary Kurtz once believed that Star Wars was “just a movie” and people needed to walk out of the theater and “forget about it”.  Not so anymore.  These days Kurtz fully appreciates the influence Star Wars has had.

After 34 years it would be kind of hard not to notice.  Star Wars is still going strong in major popularity, but it’s interesting to read what this man on the inside at the beginning has to say about the phenomenon.  And of course no true Star Wars fan can pass up finding out the tiniest tidbit no matter how minuscule.

While George was still working on the screenplay for the first film, we decided that sound was going to be an important part of Star Wars. So I went down to the USC cinema department, where George and I went to film school, and asked the head of sound if he had any finishing students who were particularly creative.

Read here for more Gary Kurtz reflections.

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