Monday Funny: The Death Star Was My Idea

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Okay, not really.  It was actually youtuber Sneaky Zebra who put together these hilarious videos parodying Windows 7.  Thanks to Dvice you can view them.  Or thank us for scrounging the internet to bring them to you.

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Self-publishing and eBooks Gaining Ground

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Last week former Star Wars author Michael A. Stackpole did a series of blog posts highlighting the current state of affairs with the publishing industry. In those articles Mr. Stackpole talked about the new age of eBooks and self-publishing, and how these two trends are on the rise. It seams that this idea is spreading…

Star Wars author Paul S. Kemp stated in his blog yesterday that he plans to start taking self-publishing and eBooks more seriously. You may have noticed on his Twitter feed that Mr. Kemp was looking for a cover artist a while back. In yesterday’s blog he revealed the new cover art for his eBook Ephemera, a collection of short stories. Furthermore Mr. Kemp revealed that his next eBook, entitled Azazel (a supernatural thriller), will also be self-published.

Regardless, we will still be seeing traditionally published books by Mr. Kemp (such as Riptide and Godborn) so there’s no radical changes to concern readers. Yet it is interesting to see the trend expanding. Will more and more authors take advantage of eBooks and self-publishing?

One thing’s for certain, now is as good a time as any to go and buy an eBook reader.

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