Happy Birthday, Zinnos

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A Big Happy Birthday to Roqoo Depot Admin, Zinnos, from the rest of us here at Roqoo Depot.

Thank You

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All of us at Roqoo Depot would like to take a moment to thank all the fans who have been reading the blog, following us on Twitter, and liking us on Facebook. Today we officially have over 500 likes on Facebook. We pledge to do our best to continue to post content that Star Wars fans will enjoy. We appreciate all the support you’ve shown and look forward to the future. Thank you.

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X-wing Update: Still in Print

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After reports last week that the X-wing series was now out of print, Random House was quick to inform author Michael Stackpole that was not the case.  RH considers the X-wing series a crucial part of the line, and not only are they still in print, they sell at a rate of 30-40 per week which is impressive for a series that’s been around so long.  Random House asked Stackpole to assure the fans that his books are available, and you can read his informative post on his blog, Stormwolf.

By Synlah

Monday Funny: And You Thought They Were Far, Far Away

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Okay, maybe it’s not exactly the Millennium Falcon and AT-ATs you were envisioning, but you have to admit this photo from Todd Lappin at Telstar Logistics is a winner.  And yes the cranes actually are called AT-ATs.

By Synlah

Happy Birthday, Greg Keyes

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Roqoo Depot wishes sci-fi author Greg Keyes a very happy birthday.  Along with several original novels, Greg penned novels for the popular Star Wars: New Jedi Order series including Edge of Victory I: Conquest, and Edge of Victory II: Rebirth.  Both novels played a key part in developing the popularity of the character Anakin Solo.

In addition he’s contributed two novels based on the successful Elder Scrolls franchise: The Infernal City, and Lord of Souls. Lord of Souls is set for release on September 27 of this year.

Besides being a writer, Greg is a fencer and accomplished linguist, both of which he drew on for his characters in The Kingdoms of thorn and Bone series.

By Synlah

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