Small Preview of a New Knight Errant Cover?

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Joe Quinones, the cover artist for the Knight Errant comic series, posted a portion of a picture that looks a lot like Kerra Holt. He also posted the following…

In other news, here’s a very small preview of an up and coming comic book cover I worked on

Now we can’t say that this is a portion of a new Knight Errant cover with 100% certainty yet, but the odds are certainly in our favor.

You can check it out on Joe Quinones’ official blog.

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Databurst from the 501st

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With the kind permission and cooperation of the 501st Legion’s national headquarters, we will be helping to promote upcoming 501st events across the globe in a way that will be both accessible and easy to follow. The 501st is a worldwide organization of volunteers that not only spreads the joy of Star Wars but works toward bettering their communities through various charities and fundraisers. At the heart of the organization is a group of Star Wars costume enthusiasts, but on the outside is a group that serves the communities they live in.

For those of you who would like to show their support, or would just like an opportunity to meet the individuals who serve in the 501st, here is a list of the upcoming 501st Legion events kicking off this week:

April 10th

  • Southern California Garrison will be at the McKinley School Carnival in San Diego, CA.
  • Connecticut Garrison will be at the St. Baldrick’s/TeamBrent Celebration in Bridgeport, CT.
  • Garrison Carida will be at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania and at the Seven Sorrows Parish and School Fun Run in Middleton, PA.
  • Mountain Garrison will once again be at the Toys ‘R’ Us Grand Opening in Thorton, CO to wrap up the two day event.
  • Empire City Garison will be at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital: Go the Distance 2011 event in Valhalla, NY.
  • Ohio Garrison will be at the Columbus Toy Show in Columbus, OH.

April 11th

  • 70th Explorers Garrison will be in Maryland Heights, MO on April 11 for PINKAPALOOZA.

April 12th

  • Southern California Garrison will be celebrating Yuri’s Night in San Diego ( Yuri Gagarin was the first human to journey into space).

April 13th

  • Mountain Garrison will be at the 27th Annual National Space Symposium two day evnet in Colorado Springs, CO.

For further information on any of the above listed events, please visit the 501st Legion’s website or the individual garrisons listed. You can also check out the 501st on Facebook and Twitter.

Next 501st Data Burst…Wednesday April 13th.

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Clone Wars Magazine: Wallpaper and Contest

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Two fun things from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine.  First off, they have a desktop wallpaper you can download.  It’s an image of Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin, plus ships and droids.

Secondly, they’ve extended the deadline for their Draw a Separatist Warrior contest. The submission deadline has been extended to April 19.  So here’s your chance to see your own artwork in a future TCW Magazine panel.

Check out the above links for the wallpaper and the details on the contest.

By Synlah

Star Wars The Old Republic: Skill Trees, Abilities, and Testing

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A new update is available on Star Wars: The Old Republic’s website. The Advance Classes update covers a lot of details pertaining to class abilities, skill trees, and some interesting insights into how they game designers are using information to improve the game including death maps and movement heatmaps generated by game testers. The article is worth checking out if you’re interested in the game as there are a lot of previews of what gamers can expect as far as game mechanics. You can read the article here.

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Dark Horse Contest

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Want the opportunity to get an exclusive  first look at  Star Wars: Crimson Empire (and Frank Miller’s Xerxes)?  Then go to Dark Horse Presents Contest and you could win an advance copy of Dark Horse Presents #1.  You need to hurry though because the comic anthology will be hitting the stores on April 20.

To be eligible all you need to do is leave a comment about the new Dark Horse Presents! and be sure and link it to your facebook account.  Deadline is midnight, April 13.

You can check out all the details at Dark Horse and get a preview of Presents #1.

By Synlah

Chewbacca And The Slavers Of The Shadowlands

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Amazon UK has released information on a new Star Wars Adventures comics digest. The new volume is entitled Chewbacca And The Slavers Of The Shadowlands. Amazon UK has it slated for a September 23, 2011 release date and it is available for pre-order. Here is the product description:

Journey back nearly two hundred years before the events in A New Hope as Chewbacca relates a story from his youth on Kashyyyk. Determined to prove themselves eligible for the rites of adulthood, Chewie and his young friends venture into the perilous Shadowlands in search of adventure. But they find far more than they bargained for when they stumble upon slavers plotting a raid on the Wookiee village.

It’s worth noting that this one is being published by Titan Books whereas the previous Star Wars Adventures volumes were published by Dark Horse Comics. Chewbacca And The Slavers Of The Shadowlands would be the sixth volume in the series. You can check out the Amazon UK details here. As of yet, there are not details on a US release.

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