DK’s “Attack of The Authors” East Coast Tour Starts in May

April 6, 2011 at 10:29 pm | Posted in Books, DK, Events, Star Wars News | 1 Comment announced that Chris Reiff, Ashley Eckstein, Ryder Windham, Jason Fry and Chris Trevas will be going to East Coast bookstores, libraries, and schools May 7th to May 15th as a part of the DK “Attack of Authors” East Tour.   R2 Builders, 501st Legion and Rebel Legion members will also be making an appearance as well, promoted by Her Universe and Mimobot.

You can read the complete press release, including more information about a special R2D2 replica, here and discover a tour date near you here.

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Happy Birthday, Bill Dee Williams

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Today is Billy Dee Williams’ birthday. Famous for playing the dashing Lando Calrissian, Billy Dee Williams will forever be immortalized as a part of Star Wars history. Feel free to stop by Billy’s Twitter page or on Facebook and wish him happy birthday. Or if you want, you can head over to his art site and buy a painting. (What? You didn’t know Lando was a smuggler and a painter?)

By Skuldren

X-wing Books Update: Author Michael Stackpole’s Thoughts

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With the discovery that Bantam has chosen to let his X-wing series go out of print, Michael Stackpole reflects on what being its author meant (and still means) to him on his blog, Stormwolf.  It’s a worthy read that highlights how books open worlds and impart intangible gifts that go far beyond dollar and cents.

By Synlah

Bantam Drops X-wing Series From Reprint

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Roqoo Depot has learned (via Twitter) that Bantam Books has dropped the X-wing series from reprint.  No word on why that decision was made.

Michael Stackpole’s X-wing series is frequently cited by fans as one of their favorites.  Many fans have expressed that they came to love the EU via Stackpole’s books, and readers new to the EU are urged by older fans to read the series.  It’s virtually the only series that showcases the contribution “regular” beings made to the Rebellion/New Republic.  The focus in most books of the Bantam era being on the Big Three or Luke and his New Jedi Order.  Although post-ROTJ Star Wars wouldn’t be Star Wars without Luke Skywalker, numbers alone dictate that many “regular” beings played an important part in the downfall of the Empire and the rise of the New Republic.  The X-wing series paid tribute to their contribution.  Sad to think that future Star Wars fans may not get the opportunity to read these books.

By Synlah

Comic Reviews: Legacy – War #1

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Legacy – War #1 starts out with a beautiful image of a Sith ship flying through space and a chilling monologue by Darth Krayt. Together it is a good sign of what to expect throughout the series. Issue #1 is a dazzling array of panels filled with wonderful character art and luscious colors. The story stretches across both past and future as Krayt dwells on the past, and he and Cade both dream of the future. War kicks off the new series by giving readers a tantalizing taste of what’s to come…

You can read the full review here.

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Holocron Keeper on Facebook

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Leland Chee announced (via Twitter) that he’s created a Keeper of the Holocron fan page on facebook.  In light of the recent announcement regarding the TOS discussion boards shutting down this should help dispel fan concerns regarding future lack of communication between the fan base and LFL.  Hopefully others, including Sue Rostoni, will be following suit, and the process of adjusting to this new facebook access will continue to be a smooth one for the fans.

By Synlah

Fresh Ink: Clone Wars Magazine #4

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In this issue, Yoda teaches Ashoka and Chewie how to use their angry face.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine #4 hit the bookstore shelves yesterday and hits the comic shops today. To quote from TOS:

In this issue’s comic strip adventure, ‘In the Air,’ Count Dooku plans to disrupt the Republic’s supply of tibanna gas — a valuable starship hyperdrive coolant. Commander Cody expertly chases off a flight of droid ships from an Ugnaught mine, but could that really be the end of the Separatist attack? It’s up to Obi-Wan and Yoda to find out…

There are so many clones in this issue that you’ll need to pay close attention to this issue’s handy ‘Spotters Guide!’ Meet the awesome Delta Squad and discover your clone destiny by taking the Clone Troopers Engineering exam — are you pilot material or will you be stuck with kitchen duty?

Additionally there will be a character study of Chewbacca. So pick up your copy and find out what makes your favorite Wookie tick.


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