John Jackson Miller Update

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Star Wars author and writer John Jackson Miller updated his blog yesterday with a few things. First off production notes for Knight Errant #5 is available now here. Secondly, John will be at Odyssey Con this weekend (April 8-10) in Madison, Wisconsin, so if you’re in the area you’ll probably want to check it out. You can find details here at Oddcon’s website. Lastly, John has given us an evil teaser…

I’ve just signed a deal for a project I think a lot of readers here will find veerrrrry interesting. (No, it isn’t Hogan’s Heroes. But that is absolutely all I can say about that!) – John Jackson Miller

Unfortunately we don’t have any details, but we hope it’s something to do with Star Wars.

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Star Tours: Official Dedication Planned

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Disney is planning an official dedication ceremony for the reopening of Star Tours. It will be held May 20th at 10 AM.  While we don’t know that George Lucas will be there, you never know.  He was there in 1987 to dedicate the original Star Tours.

In addition there will be a media event held on May 19th.

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Happy Birthday, Ann Crispin

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Roqoo Depot wishes Ann Crispin a very happy birthday today.  As A.C. Crispin, Ann wrote  the popular Han Solo Trilogy for Star Wars, a back story set before the events of A New Hope. She’s authored works for Star Trek and the miniseries V as well as original works such as the StarBridge series.  Currently she’s working on Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom, due out in May.

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WISE Captures a Starmaker

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This beautiful image is the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud, captured by WISE in the process of star forming.  The colors are due to different lengths of infrared light.  Rho Ophiuchi is one of the closest star forming clouds.  Altogether this image contains forming stars, a bright, the red star Sigma Scorpii, white nebula, and dark (opaque) nebulae.  For more on this image and the WISE Explorer, check out the NASA article.

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