Forums Closing June 3, 2011

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April 2011 will be the last month of active message boards on On Friday, April 29 the forums will be locked into a read-only mode, so that users can look through older posts and copy any they may wish to keep for posterity. On Friday, June 3rd, the official forums will shut down entirely.

For those who wish to continue discussions with fellow fans, we encourage you to check out the commenting available on website articles as well as posts on the Facebook Page, as well as following and interacting with @StarWars via Twitter

You can read the full press release here.

UPDATE:  Starting May 3rd, the forums will be in read-only mode.

By Dancelittleewok

Happy Birthday, Chris Trevas

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We here at Roqoo Depot would like to wish Star Wars artist Chris Trevas a happy birthday today! Chris Trevas has worked on numerous Star Wars projects and has provided a lot of outstanding Star Wars art. You can check out some of his work on his site here.

Don’t forget to stop by his Facebook page or on Twitter and wish him a happy birthday.

Posted By: Skuldren

Monday Funny: Facebook is Everywhere

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Wow, Mark Zuckerberg is more successful than anyone could have believed.  Even in that galaxy far far away that social network exists, and thanks to College Humor we can now check their status updates.  Find out what some of our beloved characters are saying when they’re letting down their hair, helmets or buns.

By Synlah

New Dave Filoni Interview

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Entertainment Weekly did an interview with Dave Filoni that reveals a few fun facts about the season 3 finale. Dave comments on how a small The Big Lebowski tribute snuck it’s way in to the episode, as well as some serious insight into the character deaths we’ve seen this season. When talking about season 4, Dave says we should expect to jump right back into the war with battles larger than any we’ve seen so far. In fact Dave says we can expect to see battles on the scale of the Death Star II battle in Return of the Jedi. He also mentioned that there will be more three part episodes in future with an emphasis toward telling longer stories, but there will still be stand alone episodes scattered in (a few featuring R2 and 3PO). Dave also confirmed that we will be seeing Savage Opress return in season 4 at some point.

One comment that was rather insightful involved Anakin’s role as a teacher:

“The problem for him would be letting go of you. I think it’s because of that problem that Yoda thought it was important for Anakin to teach a student, and in that moment at the end when he steps back and thinks, “This girl can survive on her own,” Yoda sees that. His plan is actually working. Unfortunately, as we know, that’s not the way things end up, but it sets us up nicely for the future of the show.” -Dave Filoni

There is a lot of good information in the interview so be sure to check it out here.

Wookiee Hunt meets The Big Lebowski


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