WonderCon Highlights-New Clone Wars Preview

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Holy cow was there a Sith in there wielding TWO double edged light sabers? I guess we can expect to see an enemy roughly twice as powerful as Darth Maul in season 4 of The Clone Wars. From the material released so far I can hardly wait!

Jedi or Sith?

He could probably still rip your arms out.

There wasn’t a whole lot of breaking news from WonderCon but it sure looked like a lot of fun. The Star Wars contingent seemed to lean heavily on promoting the Clone Wars franchise. Veteran Star Wars alum Peter Mayhew, famous for his portrayal of the character Chewbacca in the films and who was the model for that character in the animated series, was on hand sporting a stylish Chewie T-shirt.

I suspect it looks better on her than it would on me.

The insanely beautiful and talented Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ashoka Tano and purveyor of officially licensed Star Wars Apparel geared toward girls, was on hand showing off her latest offering. A T-shirt featuring Yoda on what appears to be Degobah. You can see all the wares available from her web site at http://www.heruniverse.com/ or by clicking here.

Does the Twi'Lek look familiar? There is something I like about that girl that I just can't put my finger on.



Also spotted was Dave Filoni, executive producer of the hit cartoon series. Again seen here with Ashley Eckstein and two cosplayers dressed as Aayla Secura and Ashoka Tano.

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  1. That does look like a blast of a time! One of these years I’m going to indulge the geek in me and go check it out. Thanks for the peek at the highlights. The HerUniverse sight looks amazing. I may have to break down and augment my wardrobe. Thanks, Rev. A fun read. :)

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