Tweetup With Nasa

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NASA Twitter followers now have the opportunity to join a two-day  tweetup for the April 19th launch of the space shuttle Endeavor.  150 tweeps will be randomly selected and NASA is strongly urging those who’ve already experienced a space shuttle launch to allow someone else this incredible experience.  All the information needed to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime experience can be found here at NASA’s official website.  Be advised that NASA is not providing transportation to Florida.  You must be able to get there on your own.  This event also does not qualify anyone for media accreditation.

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First Look at Mercury

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Messenger — MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment GEochemistry Ranging — is NASA’s mission to explore and understand the planet Mercury, adding a greater understanding of how our solar system evolved.  Messenger has started sending the first ever pictures of this smallest and closest planet to our sun.  You can view these images on the official Nasa site, as well as read all about this significant mission.

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New Dave Filoni Interview

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Big Shiny Robot conducted an interview with Dave Filoni that shares some interesting insight into what we can expect in Season 4 of TCW. You can read the entire interview here.

There is also an article in the Huffington Post covering Dave Filoni and The Clone Wars (by the same author as the above interview). The article touches on different real world aspects of The Clone Wars as wells as the Season 3 Finale.

It’s that classic scenario where someone is captured and stranded and in a very desperate situation and you wonder how they’re going to survive and are people going to work together to survive. And it’s the episodes I’ve been teasing. And this is the episode I’ve teased as being very inspired by Predator. -Dave Filoni

It can be viewed here.

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Happy Birthday, Obi-Wan

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Today is a milestone birthday for one of our favorite jedi.  Join Roqoo Depot in wishing Ewan McGregor a happy fortieth, and many more to come.

By Synlah

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