Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived Review

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With the upcoming release of The Old Republic today sees the release of the second novel from this era.  Deceived follows the path of Darth Malgus, the hero from the Deceived trailer.  After the break read my review of Paul S. Kemp’s second foray into a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

To say that I am excited about The Old Republic would be an understatement.  When I found out that Del Rey was going to do novels during this era I was ecstatic.  Fatal Alliance gave a nice set up into the era and it also showed what the potentials for the game could be.

Thankfully Deceived follows suit.  Not only does the reader get an entertaining look at this relatively untouched era within Star Wars, but we also get to see some of the potential futures that await us in the game.  Whether you play as a Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, or Smuggler, each class is covered in the novel.

We are presented with intriguing characters for each class during Deceived, and while the main character is clearly Darth Malgus, the other characters shine during their time on the page.  The novel also brings up some interesting thoughts on what the Force means for each character or whether they acknowledge it at all.

Darth Malgus creates a unique look into the workings of the Sith Empire that we are introduced to in The Old Republic.  First of all, he has a lover in the Twi’lek Eleena.  A companion that is trusted enough that she knows Malgus’ real name and calls him by it.  Secondly, he struggles with the leadership of the Sith Empire.  His views of the Force are not exactly shared by those in charge.  Malgus’ situation within the novel brings up something that really hasn’t been explored: if all Sith are evil, why are some looking for peace?  I thought that this unique view brought out a lot of possibilities, not only for The Old Republic, but Star Wars as a whole.  I’m very interested in seeing where his path leads him in the game and how it affects the player.

The Jedi class is represented by Aryn Leneer.  Now her story not only appears on the page, but her whole mission revolves around the events of the Deceived trailer that BioWare released.  In a way her mission has been seen in the Star Wars Universe: how far would you go to avenge the loss of a close friend?  Now even though her story isn’t anything new, Paul knows how to weave a good story, and before you know it you care about this character and her quest.  Now her path leads us back to Zeerid Korr. Familiar last name, right?

Zeerid falls into the Smuggler branch of the game, and he easily could have been written like so many other smuggler characters as just another Han Solo copy.  I’m so glad that Paul didn’t follow suit.  Instead we are given a character who doesn’t like what he’s doing but his own situations have brought him to the place where he doesn’t get a choice.  As a father Z-Man’s story touched close to home: what would you do to make sure you child has it better than you did?  Zeerid’s story is both thought provoking and touching and I genuinely cared for this character.  I wanted to see him succeed, I wanted him to provide enough for his daughter, and he did.  For me Zeerid became the star of the novel and I enjoyed where his path took him.

The final character that we meet is Vrath Xizor.  Vrath covers the mercenary/bounty hunter role from the game and you get to see the choices presented for the character.  Vrath gives a unique glimpse into the era; a man who served the Empire and still had a soul of sorts.  Given that he knew information about Zeerid that could ruin everything he had fought for, he didn’t use it.  For me it brought up the idea that you could play the game as a relatively decent bounty hunter; a bounty hunter with a heart I guess you could say.

Overall I greatly enjoyed Deceived and it definitely whets my appetite for more novels from Paul Kemp.  Not only does it serve its purpose as a good novel but it also serves the purpose of selling a game.  I want to know more about Darth Malgus, and right now I think we will have to wait until the game is released and its story unfolds before we see his adventures continue.

I easily give this novel a 4 brass bikinis out of 5

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  1. I don’t know how much I’ll enjoy the novel but I love the rating system. The review was pretty good too. :)

  2. Kudos on this review, Corax! Very nicely done, and it has really got me even more excited to read it.

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