LEGO Star Wars III: Lando Calrissian Revealed!

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That’s right, it’s LEGO Lando. To answer your next question, yes even LEGO Lando is still cooler than the rest of us. TOS has just unveiled the last unlockable character for the new game due out from LucasArts next month. For more on the upcoming game and the rest of the unlockable characters you can visit the official LEGO Star Wars site. (Go there. It’s a fun site.)

Did I mention I own a city? A city in the clouds baby.

by Revmacd

TOR Animation and Fan Art

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Ion-Silental "Sith Male"

The Star Wars The Old Republic official site released a new article Studio Insider: Cinematic Animation which takes a closer look at how the animators create the scenes in the upcoming game. In the article they talk with animator Andrew Lauretta and discuss some of the aspects involved in the animations. They also included two short videos showing 3D models in their early stages, in this case an attack on two unlucky Hutts. The article is also followed with a short Q&A that covers the flashpoints in more detail.

Also if you haven’t been checking out the fan art section of the TOR forums, there have been some really nice pieces done by dedicated fans. Some notable mentions include fan artists Redding and Ion-Silental. They’ve both done some beautiful work.

Redding “Krayt Dragon”
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Humor: Artoo and Threepio Revised

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Right on the heels of Paul, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost do their own take on Threepio and Artoo.  Warning: this is Pegg and Frost so expect to laugh.  Check the video out here at College Humor.

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No New Comics Between Trilogies

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Force Cast elaborated on an earlier tweet that indicated Dark Horse would be staying away from any new material in between the Star Wars movie trilogies. According to their post on Facebook, comic writer John Ostrander said the following at C2E2 when asked about the time period between the trilogies:

So George is playing there…you really don’t want to be going there because you don’t know what he will be doing and there are continuity minefields to avoid, if you can.

The Force Cast further commented that this would not effect Dark Times or the new Agent of the Empire series.

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