Star Wars Insider #126

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Look who’s grabbed the spotlight of the Star Wars Insider promotional cover of #126, newsstand edition.  No word on the publication date but Insider does reveal that #126 does feature a new original fiction by Timothy Zahn

Source: SW_Insider on twitter.

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Knight Errant Deluge Update

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Cover of Deluge #1

Newsarama interviewed John Jackson Miller and got some details on Deluge, the next comic arc in the Knight Errant comic series. Here’s a snippet from the interview detailing what Deluge is going to be like…

As Deluge opens, Kerra has returned, at last, to Aquilaris, responding to a distress call. It’s the chance she’s been looking for to score some points and get some personal satisfaction from it. But it comes at a time of increasing frustration for Kerra, too. People living out in the Sith-controlled Outer Rim are completely battered down and downtrodden; it’s not ripe for mounting a rebellion or revolution. Many of the people here have been enslaved for their entire lives, and there’s drug abuse, as people try to forget their hardships. More than anything, she could use some help…

…and we give it to her. Knight Errant: Deluge sees her getting her fondest dream: competent help she can trust. New allies arrive from the Republic in the form of Captain Jenn Devaad and her Devil Squadron, the advance team for the mercy mission known as Grace Command. In many ways, they’re like the allies that Kerra lost in that initial disaster; absolutely what she was looking for. Other allies she’s had, like Jarrow Rusher in the novel, she couldn’t quite trust because they’d worked for the Sith. Devaad definitely doesn’t. For Kerra, it’s an enormously happy moment — a chance to get back on the path she wanted to walk.

The interview goes on to discuss just what kind of Jedi Kerra Holt is, and what the title Deluge refers to. There’s a lot of great info in the interview, so be sure to check it out. You can read the full interview here.

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