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Del Rey comments according to SW Action News: (via twitter/Knights Archive)

“Big things will be coming after FOTJ.”  Del Rey when asked if LOTF will bridge to Legacy Comics.  “Conversations have been had.”

“They will fix this Even Piell thing.” — Del Rey Rep.  “There’s nothing that can’t be fixed.”  John Jackson Miller

James Luceno’s Darth Plagius novel is finished and will be out next year.  Luceno will also have new Darth Maul stories in The Phantom Menace and Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter reissues.

Aaron Allston is still writing his Wraith Squadron and it will be out next summer.

Nothing is planned but Del Rey would like to do a new “Tales of” anthology.

J W Rinzler is doing the The Making of Star Wars: ROTJ.

Insider will have original short stories by Christie Golden and Timothy Zahn.

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