New Game Trailer for The Old Republic

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A new game trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been released on straight from PAX East 2011. It’s entitled Fate of the Galaxy. Enjoy!

Thanks to for posting the video on youtube.

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Star Wars in Concert

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Star Wars in Concert will be heading to the Hollywood Bowl June 3-4 (Friday and Saturday). The two night event will feature John William’s music from all six films (conducted by Dirk Brossé and performed by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and choir) and will be narrated by Anthony Daniels (C-3PO). A three story tall LED screen will play select footage from the films to follow along with the music and narration. Ticket go on sale March 14th at 10:00AM PST. You can check out for further info, or you can check out the official site which also includes a nice preview of what the event will be like.

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Autographed Copies of Deceived by Paul Kemp

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Best selling author and self proclaimed “fictioneer” Paul Kemp has just announced on his blog that he will be offering signed copies of his new tale from the Old Republic era entitled Deceived on his web site. The copies will be selling for $30 in the U.S. The cost covers the book, applicable taxes and express shipping and if more than one copy is ordered Mr. Kemp, or rather his “assistant” whom he refers to as “Kaul Pemp”, will consolidate the shipping and the cost will go down with each additional copy ordered.

When placing an order on line you can include any personalization you would like or if left blank Mr. Kemp indicates he will ad lib something.

Paul Kemp is of course the author that penned the Star Wars expanded universe novel and 2010 smash hit Crosscurrent as well as it’s expected sequel Riptide due out this year. If Crosscurrent and his other works of fiction are any indication of what is to come, I think we will continue to follow his career with great interest.

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Knight Errant Novel Answers

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John Jackson Miller has posted Part II of the Knight Errant Novel Answers, you can check them out here, on his blog, Faraway Looks. Fair warning, there are spoilers.

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Dark Horse Contest

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On the Dark Horse Blog they are having a Star Wars contest to see who has best used a quote from Star Wars in a real life situation. Top three winners will receive a “prize package” and all entries must be in by midnight March 17th. If you’d like to try your luck, you can check out the contest here for your chance to win.

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Simon Wants Your Attention

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Simon says: Give me your wallet. Now.

Georgia Tech has been developing a robot called Simon. Unlike most robots, Simon’s purpose is to recognize human gestures and to move like a human. By being able to pick up on visual cues, Simon can tell when he has a person’s attention, which is just one step forward in being to make a robot that can interact with people. In order to further that relationship with humans, Georgia Tech has been studying how humans move in order to mimic that movement with Simon. The idea isn’t toward efficiency, but to make robots more natural and familiar. If a robot does a certain task like a human would, then people will be able to recognize what the robot is doing. On a base level, that familiarity factor eases fears of the unknown, as well as making people feel more comfortable around robots. The more natural the movement, the more likable the robot.

But Simon isn’t the only robot Georgia Tech is working with. They also have a sponge bath robot named Cody designed to study how robots touch humans. It’s fairly weird to watch a robot sit there and touch a person. Over on IEEE Spectrum, they have a video of the robot touching a female volunteer. Seeing the video, it struck me as both kinky and creepy.

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