Confirmation of Wooden Box Collector Set

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by Revmacd

Confirming Anthony Daniels tweet, George Lucas has now announced the release of  a six disc blu-ray set with a high end set of picture books accompanying the movies in an art deco inspired wooden case. This is a limited edition release and only 1,138 will be made. Anyone familiar with George Lucas’ work can appreciate that the number 1,138 was in the title of his debut film and is referenced many times in his other works. The picture book is designed to be a tribute to the films’ cinematographers, art directors, and set designers.

Do. Want. Now.

The price point on this collection is a healthy $3,000.00 and will be available later this month.


A Gift for Threepio?

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Is George Lucas giving special collector’s edition DVD sets to his friends? Will these sets be released to the general public? We don’t know but according a post on Twitter by none other than Anthony “C3PO” Daniels, his set has arrived. The tweet read as follows:

@ADaniels3PO Anthony Daniels
WOW! George Lucas has sent a Jedi-Temple-a-like containing 6 beautiful volumes of the Eps in a stunning wooden case. Has yours arrived yet?
Honestly we don’t know if this set exists or if Mr. Daniels is having a little fun with those of us trolling the twitterverse, starving for any scrap he might cast our way. We do hope it is the former. We’ll keep our eyes peeled to see if this set does become available though, you can count on that!

"I would like to thank the academy..."

Is That a Human or a Droid?

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Japan is continuing to stay in the lead with the most creepy robots out there. IEEE Spectrum released an article showcasing Japan’s latest endeavor: the Geminoid DK. The robot is based off a real person, Associate Professor Henrik Scharfe of Denmark’s Aalborg University, and it’s sole purpose is to be the most realistic human robot ever. The robot does not have any artificially intelligence, so there are no worries of it taking over the world. Instead, the robot is hooked up to the subject and its features are remotely controlled through motion capture. Be sure to check out the full article here for plenty of pictures and several videos of the Geminoid DK.

Robot or human?


Update on Jedi Path Trade Edition

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Dan Wallace threw out an update the other day on his blog on The Jedi Path trade edition, which is set for release in September. The trade edition will not include any of the goodies that the collectors edition came with, and because of that, some of the loose material will become additional pages in the book, like Luke’s introductory letter. Dan also mentioned that a lot of typos will be fixed and a new cover will be used featuring the Star Wars logo. To check out all the details, you can read Dan’s blog here.

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