Knight Errant News: Continued

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On his blog, Faraway Looks, John Jackson Miller answers questions about his new novel, Knight Errant.  The following is an excerpt from JJM’s blog.

Todd Selby asks: “Hey John, I loved the book and am enjoying the comics, as well as your eBook series. One question I have is whether or not Kerra will travel beyond the Grumani sector? There’s a lot of story potential in the outer rim where tons of Sith roam unchecked.”

There’s a lot of potential stories built into the sector map already — but I can say that we will get a sense of what’s going on elsewhere in the days ahead.

Read more here

A new look for Riptide

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TOS announced a revamped cover for Riptide, Paul S. Kemp’s sequel to Crosscurrent:

Star Wars Episode I In 3D Gets Official Release Date

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It has been long reported that all six Star wars movies were to be released as 3D versions. Today Lucasfilm ltd. and 20TH Century Fox announced the official release date of the first film. The best part is, it is less than a year away! Phantom Menace is scheduled to be released on February 10, 2012.

You umm... thought I was scary before, eh?

The complete text of the news release from TOS is as follows:

Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox announced today that the 3D theatrical launch of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace now has an official release date — February 10, 2012! Set against the thrilling and exotic backdrop of a “galaxy far, far away,” Star Wars is perfectly suited to the immersive 3D theatrical experience, and Episode I delivers some of the Saga’s most stunning and spectacular sequences — from the Naboo invasion to the Tatooine Podraces to the climactic lightsaber battle between Darth Maul and the Jedi. Supervised by Industrial Light & Magic, the meticulous conversion is being done with utmost respect for the source material, and with a keen eye for both technological considerations and artistic intentions.

How exciting to see the Battle of Naboo, the duel between Darth Maul and Jedi Knights Obi Wan Kenobi and Qui Gon Jinn or a pod race in 3D! Maybe the 3D treatment might even give Jar Jar Binks some love.

With this T-shirt we finally reach the zenith of geek culture.

Galaxy #6 Trading Cards

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From Star Wars Insider (via Twitter), here’s a look at Topps’ 120 card set: Galaxy 6

Second Arc for Knight Errant Comics Revealed!

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Thanks to Star Wars Universe we got a glimpse of Star Wars Insider #124 and the announcement that the next arc in the Knight Errant comics series will be title Deluge and will be out in August. Along with the announcement was a short blurb:

Kerra Holt returns to her homeworld of Aquilar, that fell to the Sith decades ago. But her enemies, and even her allies are not what she expected, and Kerra will learn that some things are worse than the Sith.

Again thanks to Star Wars Universe for posting the details. You can check the post out here (translated in English).

Comic Book News from Star Wars Universe

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French site, Star Wars Universe, broke the news yesterday that, according to Star Wars Insider, both Invasion and The Old Republic will be adding new arcs.  Invasion (coming in July) is titled Revelations, while TOR’s is The Lost Suns.Image from Insider of TOR: Lost Suns

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